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Florida home health care insurance is more popular than ever. People want to stay in familar surroundings near friends and family for as long as possible. As a result, we have seen the daily benefit rise to meet the costs of more care hours. We recommend that you have a comprehensive plan that covers you at home, in assisted living and in a nursing facility. You will be hard pressed to find a reputible insurance company that is willing to sell you a plan that covers only home health care.

Florida Home Health Care Insurance Plans

What types of care does the home health care portion of the plan cover?
Although, not all plans are the same. The plan we represent covers:

  • Health Care performed by a Home Health Care Agency

  • Informal Home Health Care

  • Adult Day Care

  • Respite Care
  • Assisted Living
WIll I have a daily or monthly benefit allowance ?

In a facility, your expenses are very much the same from day to day. However, with home care, the expenses can vary. On certain days for example, you might have a homemaker come in to do cleaning, laundry and shopping. Or perhaps a friend or family member might be available to assist you from time to time. Everyone's situation is different. That is why we like plans that pay a monthly benefit. You allocate the money as you need it. But, a plan that pays out monthly is more expensive than one that pays a daily benefit. You have to weigh the cost versus the benefit.

Does the plan go into effect immediately once I need it?
This is a very important question. Although, many agents will hit you over the head with statistics about your chances of needing some type of home health care, what they don't tell you is that many of you (I don't like to wave statistics around) will need home health care for 90 days or less. If you have a 90 day elimination period, meaning no benefit is paid for the first 90 days, you are stuck with all the bills. Medicare might pay for some limited at home treatment, but you will shoulder most of the bill if not all of it. So, you need to weigh the following question very carefully: How long an elimination period do I take?

Like everything else in insurance, it is a gamble. Obviously, you can get a 90 elimination period for a lot less money than a 7 day elimination period. So, ask yourself this next question: If you had to pay for your own home health care, how much could you afford to spend? Many of you will answer my question with another question. How much does home health care cost if I had to pay for it myself? My suggestion is to get out the yellow pages and make a call. Any home health care agency will give you your answer. If you are dealing with me, I will do that for you.

By the way, I have a comprehensive plan (long term care and home health care combined) that offers a zero day elimination and charges you the same prices as a 90 day elimination periond. This is why it is so important to work with an agent who is not married to one insurance company.

How do I qualify for benefits?
There are three ways to qualify:

  • If care is medically necessary: OR
  • If you suffer a loss of two of six Activitives of Daily Living (ADL's): OR
  • If you suffer from a cognitive impairment (i.e., Alzheimers)

What about homemaker serives?
Imagine your surprise when you ask the caregiver if they would so kind as to make you lunch or pick up a few things at the market for you, and they tell you that they are not permitted. There are certain plans that provide for your care but do not permit the caregiver to cook a meal, go shopping, do laundry, etc. Make sure your plan includes homemaker services.

How much benefit do I buy?
Once again, this is a question that can only be answered after we figure out what you can comfortably afford. If it costs too much, you will drop the plan when you need it the most. We need to examine what resources are available to you. Friends, family, etc. Your family history and current health can play a role. If everyone in your family suffers from Alzheimer's once they reach the age of 85, and they all live to 100, you have very unique needs. Bottom line is, we all have unique needs. I will help you go through the options.

How long can I receive care at home?
Unless you need a critical care facility, you could stay at home until you check in at the Pearly Gates Hotel. Hopefully, Williard Scott will wish you at least a happy 100th birthday first.

We have a Florida home health care insurance plan that will permit a healthy spouse to share their benefits with a partner that can not qualify for coverage. This is certainly another avenue to explore.

Florida home health care insurance can be difficult to obtain. If you have been turned down for coverage give us a call. We have this product as well as others that can help you pay for home health care and nursing home expenses.

To contact us call 1-800-986-4786 (9AM to 9PM Mon - Fri & 10AM to 4PM on Weekends) or Click Here to send us an email message.

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